What is Business Coaching?

Rarely will you be able to hire someone who's single minded agenda is YOUR business success. If you are a Managing Director or Business owner you already know how difficult it is to not only find the right people but to be able to afford to have them. Often the expertise you need and the dynamic, energy fuelled individual to help you take your business to the next level is just beyond your reach. Business Coaching is the solution that many ambitious business owners are using today to solve this problem. By focusing on the key issues that they want to break-through or resolve, they condense the time they need with high caliber colleagues; by condensing these issues into a two hour coaching session they get all the benefits of having the expertise they need on the team at a fraction of what it would otherwise have cost. By having this expertise in the form of a coach they also benefit from an approach that means they get the best out of themselves; set better goals, reach goals faster, make better decisions and improve their relationships.


If you have a business issue that needs addressing and you're not sure if Business Coaching might help, then just email Martin with a question. Click HERE

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7 Very Good Reasons for all Business Owners to have a Business Coach

The very best know they can be better with the right help

You don't see an Olympic athlete without a coach or a winning football team without one either. Often the choice of coach will determine the level of success they reach. People are people, in sport or business; the right coach will help bring out the best in you.

Feeling stressed and under pressure doesn't help

If you're not at your best then don't expect the business to be at its best either. A Business Coach helps you put things in perspective, prioritise and take action to relieve negative stress.

There has to be decent rewards for effort

'Show me the money' may be a line from a famous movie but it's also the real bottom line when it comes to running a business. A Business Coach will help you identify what needs to change and then how to make things change so your business rewards the effort you put in.

Being handcuffed to the business is painful

If you feel trapped by your business, never able to go on holiday or escape then your business owns you and not the other way round. You may have only seen the insides of your business but an experienced Business Coach has been intimate with very many businesses; they can show you how to regain control and get your life back without the business falling apart.

When you've had enough it can be all over

Losing you 'mo-jo' is as damaging for the business as it is for you personally. A Business Coach will help you rediscover your motivation; your real motive-for-action and get you back on track.

No one knows it all

If you've been focused on running your business for years then you may not have had the time to spend on your own development. For many business owners it can have been fifteen, twenty or more years since they last invested in themselves. Twenty years ago the internet did not exist, only one in six people had a mobile phone and the ways we were taught to manage a business were very different to the demands of today. The right Business Coach can help you bridge that gap and get you up to speed.

Where does it all end?

Having an 'exit strategy' is important. As is being clear about why you are investing your time and energy into the business at all. being an outsider, a Business Coach helps bring a level of objectivity that would not otherwise be there. Your Business Coach has one gaol only; and that's for you to be as successful as possible.


How does it work and how much does it cost?

Typically it costs less to hire Martin as your Business Coach for a year than it would to pay for an additional receptionist or admin clerk.
Depending on your circumstances and location you'll meet with Martin for a combination of personal and telephone coaching sessions. These may be as close together as two weeks or as far apart as a month, and are likely to last at least six months; many clients reduce the frequency of their sessions but maintain a relationship over a many years, such is the success orientation of the relationship.




The crucial first 90 days as the new Boss

Business Coaching that can make a difference for a career lifetime




Martin says...

"It's not a lack of resources that prevents success but a lack of personal resourcefulness"

"If you can't get excited and enthused about some aspect of what you are doing, then find something else to do"

"Being brilliant won't always make you successful but being clear about how you use your brilliance will"

"Don't put off till tomorrow something you might not need to do at all"

"Success doesn't necessarily come from getting it right first time but by persistently trying different approaches until it is"

"The only thing to give up, is the idea of giving up!"

"Everyone has inner-strength but not all have the will to find it"

"There's a certain freedom in acknowledging you'll never know enough not to make a mistake" "Complaining about work is like complaining about the weather, it'll make no difference except to make it feel worse than it really is"

"Always attempt to do more than you promised and better than you thought you were capable of" "Only you can decide to give up on your dreams; no other person or circumstance is ever to blame"