“Martin has been extraordinary and his insights have been invaluable… as he was able to cut through some of my resistance's and help me clarify what has been years of turmoil to getting what me where I need to be in the world of business.”

Yvette Puliga, MD, Mind Your Body

“Wow - is the first word that springs to mind for his ability to practice exactly what he preaches - he is living proof that his philosophies work. I have worked with him personally and have always found him giving, helpful and not afraid to try something new. He is a fantastic listener and has an excellent understanding of people, how they function and how to help them. He was inspirational when we where initially forming our business and succeeded in making us look outside the box. He has also helped a member of my family through his coaching. The person was in a pretty desperate situation as where her immediate family and Martin's guidance was second-to-none in aiding her recovery. Thank You. I would highly recommend Martin for motivation, guidance and helping your colleagues achieve the right mind set to get the job done.”

Deborah Stock , Owner

“Martin Goodyer is a highly skilled and prolific practitioner of the art of influencing people to influence themselves to be the best they can be. I have worked with Martin many times and have seen him create amazing rapport with a range of diverse groups and individuals. This rapport is the start of gaining a deep understanding of the needs of the person or group which is the beginning of the relationship vital to helping them realise (internally) and then realise (externally) their potential. An outstanding communicator and a thoroughly researched specialist in his field I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Martin for work with groups, large and small and individuals at all levels. I guarantee that if you get him in once, you'll have him back.”

Michael Tipper, Director of Training, Positively MAD

“Martin is a very compassionate and non-judgmental human being. I have hired Martin as a coach and he puts his clients at ease immediately and creates an environment that is safe and easy for them to open up and discuss very personal and difficult topics when necessary. I have also asked Martin to work with a school student who was on the point of being expelled through drugs and other various behaviors that indicated a lost soul. He was a last resort for her when the system was having to let go. He succeeded in helping her and she enabled herself to continue in education, understand relationships and feel happier about life. I highly recommend Martin to you.”

Sandra James, Business Consultant

“Martin’s messages and inspirational delivery certainly helped to change the ethos of our practice. We have moved from being a well respected local Architectural practice to national acclaim with commissions though out the United Kingdom. Central to our success has been embracing partnering, investing in each others strengths and understanding the importance of team work. If you are thinking of organizing an event to improve working relationships and profitability we would unreservedly recommend Martin.”

David Allsop BA Dip Arch R.I.B.A., Partner of GSS Architecture

“I have watched Martin provide a full day's workshop and the whole room was engaged with him. He entertained, he provided lots of very useful content and there was always an energy in the room. He kept everyone's attention and at the relevant breaks there was an eagerness to get back into the room and learn more. Everyone was happy to be there and participated 100%. A fantastic and very informative event. I would recommend him every time.”

Rona Cant, Speaker, Adventurer & Author, Rona Cant

“Martin was one of our most engaging and interactive guest speakers at Creative Networks, held at TIC, Millennium Point in Birmingham. This is a monthly event visited by on average 120 professionals working in the field of creative industry in the West Midlands region. Martin focused on Life Coaching, engaging with the audience on many levels and his talk is still on our website www.creativenetworksonline.com, as it was a great success."

Scarlet Scardanelli, Birmingham TIC

“I met Martin through my club and I invited him in to do some motivational speaking, he was truly inspirational. My team were so motivated and he helped to confirm my own philosophies about team management and motivation. Martins philosophy in one of simplicity and understanding how people function psychologically. I will definitely be seeing him again.”

Jane Tress, General Manager, Esporta

“Martin is a straight talking inspirational character. He has a very simple mantra and brings it to every part of his life with passion. There are few folk in this world I have had the pleasure to meet who have left a lasting impression on me. Martin is definitely one of them. I am eagerly awaiting our next encounter.”

Alun Barrett, Director, Unique Solutions Ltd

“Martin was an expert in coaching me to improve my business performance through communication & influencing. Two years on I still hear his words in my head in situations which help me handle them to get a great outcome. Since the personal coaching I have been promoted & achieved a new professional qualification.”

Valerie Rees, Regional HR Manager, Marks & Spencer

“I have known Martin for nearly 2 years and in that time he has been both professional and courteous in both his approach and style. I have had no problems with recommending him to the 8000 clients we have on a UK basis as I do not have any issues with recommending Martin to any future clients.”

Mark Linton LLB , Owner , Corkscrew Events

“Martin helped a family member control their fear of Hospitals when they needed to have a serious operation. I cannot express in words how much I can recommend Martin. He is exceptional in his ability to coach people and has enormous empathy and understanding.”

Nigel Reynolds , Owner, Reynolds Accounting

“All I can say is it was an incredibly rewarding time working with Martin on just one of his many projects. Martin has a keen business mind which is also complemented by him simply being a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. Work with him if you have the chance, you're guaranteed a memorable experience.”

Roger Plantier, Owner, Business Advice Bureau (Midlands)

“Martin has an amazing ability to get through the barriers and walls we create to avoid facing the truth and acting on what needs to be done. He brings clarity and understanding of why we do what we do and how it can be improved, changed or dropped entirely. He really does know his stuff so don't hesitate to give him a call."

Mike Pagan, Owner, Pagan Associates

“I still keep hold of the thoughts Martin imparted to me and cannot thank him enough for the change he helped me make. I also think that every child should be taught the formula: E + R = O. It is the thing that I go back to time and time again and it has, I believe, saved my sanity on many occasions.”

Geoff Berry, MD, Berry Homes

“I have known Martin for sometime now, and not only is he very professional and an expert is his chosen field, but also someone who is very trustworthy and reliable. I feel very happy to use Martin to provide a quality service for my clients.”

Jonathan Lel, Owner, City Speakers International

"I say with complete confidence that with Martin's coaching, I experienced a fundamental and lasting change that has helped me in achieving success in both my business life, my personal life and the lives of those around me. Truly grateful.”

Matt Dibben , Sales Executive , Elision

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Martin both through BRE and the Professional Speakers Association. He has an excellent reputation and it's not hard to see why. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Andy Lopata, Managing Director, BRE Networking

"Who would have thought an audience supposedly more comfortable with a more traditional technical and low-key approach would have been so inspired and enjoyed it so much."

Oxford Brookes University

"It’s been five years since I heard you speak and I’m still using what I learned. It has truly changed my life and the performance of my team for the better."

Elision Technology

“Martin is an outstanding person and coach, his attitude to his clients and friends is one of total giving. I cannot recommend this man enough."

Stewart Evans, Partner, B.R.E.

“Martin has performed some excellent work for us with individual staff members as well as groups of employees."

Pat Birchall, Director, Elision Group

"Convincing a multi-national audience of the benefits of difficult change was most impressive."

Roche Pharmaceuticals

“Martin is an excellent speaker and coach and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.”

Peter Roper, Owner, Peter Roper

"A truly inspiring presentation that kept an audience hanging on your every word."

Birmingham TIC

"Great feedback from everyone – could listen to Martin for hours."


"Loved it: I’ll never see things in quite the same light again."


"We all loved it, and were left wanting more."

S A Brains

"Very motivating."

Oxford University Summer School

"Great fun and very effective."

West Ham United Football Club

"Intelligent and inspiring."


"Martin was outstanding."


"One of the best I’ve seen."








Quotes from Martin Goodyer:

  • "Imagine your own amazement if you actually did all the things you were capable of"
  • "Magic happens not just be thinking you can, but by BELIEVING you can"
  • "To experience a magnificent quality of life you must first experience a magnificent commitment to achieving it"
  • "The most sophisticated leadership tools are still determination, persistence and enthusiasm"
  • "Only the outcome-driven can be sure that their next step takes them closer to their goal"
  • "There's no opportunity without preparedness"
  • "Being certain of your destination but not knowing how or when you'll get there keeps life interesting"
  • "Live every day as if you've been told you're going to die; because the truth is, you are"
  • "I acknowledge that it can be harder to create clear compelling goals than be lazy, but once you have them it's hard to ever be lazy again"
  • "Life in general isn't what you make it, but YOUR life in particular certainly is"