NEW for 2020

How to become a Coaching-Leader






 Workshops & Coach Training

If you are putting together your leadership development programme and are looking for something new for 2020 onwards, then this is for you!

Using lessons learned from 22 of the greatest thought'leaders the world has seen, Martin blends the book content with effective and pragmatic coach-related training.

A one day workshop will prepare managers to become 'Crypto-Coaches' - crypto meaning 'hidden', in that they learn how to embed coaching approaches into their everyday behaviour to help them be on-the-job managers acting in the manner of a coach in their day to day conversations.

Two day workshops adds being a fully-feledged Manager-Coach to also being a Crypto-Coach - in that they can not only engage in authentic conversations that lead to spectacular coaching results but they also know how to hold planned meetings such as one-to-one job chats, management updates, or performance appraisals using coaching as their approach.

By the end of any training workshop and the follow-on embedding process (that comes as part of the workshop package), managers will have moved from being just a boss, to be a leader that people will want to follow.

Every delegate attending the workshop programmes comes away with a copy of the book ... whether they want it signed or not is up to them!

Conference presentations of 45 minutes to an hour are available on a made-to-order basis - the contnet of the book is blended with your leadership message to deliver a coherent, inspiring, and uplifing message to the leadership audience. For numbers of 100 or more the book cover may be printed to feature the organisation or the event. (This is not as expensive as one might think and is a terrific way to make your event memorable and give yoru delegates something of value to take home.)

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