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Confident Interviews

Confident Interviews...in less than 30 minutes; overcome nerves and get the job you want. Jobs are not for life any more, in fact careers are not for life any more. The chances are you will have a number of jobs and even a number of careers in your lifetime. So getting really good at interviews had better be a high priority if you wantto get the most out of life. This audio programme talks you through a step by step approach that will help you perform better in an interview, with less nerves and with more confidence.
"This really helped my confidence no end" J A Bristol

Confident Memory

Confident memory; Overcome fears of forgetting and remember with ease. Forgetfulness is a common problem. Names, important dates, facts and shopping lists are just a few things that seemed to slip people's minds. Whilst we know that remembering is important, very few people and actually being taught how to retain and recall information easily. Vast numbers of people experience memory loss and worry about forgetting. The great news is that it doesn't have to be this way. Regardless of your age or personal IQ you can use the techniques in this recording to eliminate forgetfulness and become more confident with your memory. Whether it's remembering a persons’ name, important facts at work, or revising more effectively for important exams, or memory doesn't have to hold you back any more because Confident Memory will coach you how to overcome fears of forgetting and remember with ease.
"Great tool for improving recall of information" MT Wiltshire

Confident Driving Tests

Confidence driving tests; how to overcome nerves and pass the test with ease. We surveyed more than 200 independent driving schools across the UK to discover the reasons why students with the ability to pass their driving test actually failed on the day. More than 85% of the driving instructors in our survey identified problems with nerves as the key reason why students miss out on passing their test when they have the ability to pass first time. The single biggest factor why less than half the people taking a practical driving test fail on the day is that they are in a negative emotional state during the test itself. In our graded list of failing factors ‘nerves’ and ‘lack of confidence’ where number one. When negative emotions get in the way of performance failure is the result. By using this recording you will improve your confidence on the day of your driving test. By following the instructions you will have certainty at your fingertips to steer you to a successful conclusion just when you need it most.
"Taking my driving test was going to be an ordeal but this made it much easier" GG Wolverhampton

Stop Smoking in 1 Hour

Stop smoking in 1 Hour; when you've chosen to quit, this audio exercise will help make your preference to live without smoking into a true decision to become a 'non-smoker', Listen to this exercise for 21 consecutive nights when you go to bed and discover how this reinforces your decision as you sleep. If youare truly committed to becoming a non-smoker for life then this is an easy way to let your unconscious mind do the work for you. This should not be listened to when driving or operating machinery.
"Great reinforcement - couldn't have quit without it" RM - Coventry