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"So you think you can’t, eh?"

Keynote presentations, after-dinner speeches and workshops designed to challenge and inspire a business audience

In a world where we’re used to motivational speakers telling us that ‘anything’ is possible, Martin Goodyer stands out by telling you WHY most (but not all) possibilities are achievable and HOW to start changing what you do in order to make it happen. Martin is an authentic voice with a realistic message. His real-world job (outside of speaking) is coaching business leaders to get the most out of themselves and their business.

Speaking Menu:

Presentations and Workshops:*

One Hour Workshops

Verbal Aikido & Aligned Goals

Communication, Leadership & Coaching Skills to fill a one hour conference or seminar slot; workshop format combining knowledge sharing and practical audience experience & involvement

Keeping it R.E.A.L

Business Growth: How to use your head to get ahead

Willingly get one person to do two people's jobs

How to effectively motivate a team during difficult times

A person pressed or coerced will never be as effective as one who genuinely wants to do a job. This is a one-day team building workshop for managers and supervisors charged with the responsibility of managing teams through downsizing or rationalisation. It delivers the dual outcome of both equiping them with specific motivational and positive manipulation skills to be more effective, and builds their own confidence to do it.

The art and practice of Verbal Aikido

How to replace confrontation with a winning approach

“To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu, Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC). In this presentation Martin explores the use of the martial art of ‘aikido’ (the way of truth and harmony) in the context of managing relationships and potential conflict in a business environment.

Being a business ‘Super-Persuader’

How to use advanced persuasion and influence techniques in a business context

You could call it breakthrough or instant persuasion. The same kind of neurological magic that most people have already experienced when what once felt impossible became a reality, when fear turned into power and when a mind could be changed in an instant. Becoming a ‘Super-Persuader’ is applying a brand new kind of influence that disables our cognitive security systems in seconds. Martin demonstrates how and why some people always seemed to say ‘the right thing’ to get their way.

The simple way to get things done

How to apply psychological tools to delegation and time management

Knowing what to do and doing what you know are very different. Most leaders know ‘what’ it is that they need to do to be successful but consistently doing it can be another thing entirely. Martin demonstrates how simple tools for managing people and time can be unconsciously integrated into existing patterns of activity to bring about radically improved results.

Overcoming Overwhelm

How to avoid burn-out and stay on top

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, that's just part of the human condition, but there's healthy and unhealthy stress. Healthy stress is a form of creative tension but then there's the kind of stress that DOESN'T have an underpinning belief that a solution is possible. That kind of negative stress (which is often caused exclusively by overwhelm) leads to problems. Martin explores both the causes of overwhelm and the top ten tell-tale clues and cues that let you know when someone is in overwhelm, and what can be done to help.

From Good Manager to Great Coach

How to adopt a coaching methodology and adapt your own style

Most good managers do some coaching already but not consistently or consciously. The coaching approaches they have integrated will work but often the non-coaching elements of their behaviour serve only to hold their performance back. The lack of distinction between approaches makes it very difficult for anyone to distinguish just what are the behaviours that produce great results and what are those that are not. Martin demystifies coaching methodology so that anyone can analyse their own leadership behaviours and styles to pick out what to change and adapt for the better.

Getting inside the head of a client

How to enhance sales and influencing skills using psychology

What do you teach the sales person who knows everything? The answer; something new that he or she can use straight away to generate even more sales. This is a master-class overview of psychological tools for motivating behaviour. Martin brings together existing and new research into the psychology of decision making, and ways to utilize it in a sales situation.

Keynote Speeches:

Elegantly Moving Mountains

Insights on the achievement of significant organisational and personal change

Appropriate for any event when ‘change’ is on the agenda. This is an inspirational, practical and pragmatic view of how and why organisational and personal change is achieved, given from the perspective of a psychologist and coach with a track record of active involvement in the achievement of such change.

So you think you can’t, eh?

45 minutes to demonstrate to anyone that just about anything is possible

Appropriate for any event where a significant challenge is on the agenda. This is a motivational piece to demonstrate both the ‘how it’s possible’ and the ‘what to do’ in the achievement of challenging goals or targets. Drawing from both psychological research and applications from the science of physics, Martin experientially demonstrates how the seemingly impossible may actually only be a few steps away.
* Presentations and workshops can be tailored to meet the timing needs of most agendas

Down to earth, sensible and practical...

"Martin is a great speaker for any conference or meeting to get across the message of positive momentum and practical change - his concept of 'Only One Question' is really worth listening to"

Jason Vale   Best Selling Author of 'The Juice Master - Turbo Charge Your Life in 14 Days' and '7lbs in 7 days'

Martins message is simple: change your questions and you change your life:

“There’s Only One Question: Is what I am doing now taking me closer or further away from my ultimate goal?"



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EuroCoach Conference

Amechi Udo, Organiser

"When I asked Martin to be the opening Key Note Speaker at this year's Euro Coach List Conference I knew he'd do a good job. Martin surpassed my expectations in not only providing a humorous and meaningful address, but also one that managed to have people really think and feel what they personally wanted to gain from the conference experience. His call to action set the tone for the conference and certainly galvanised many into taking positive actions outside of the conference.

Martin's willingness to share his views to aid the overall development of people there highlighted the generous spirit I have benefited from personally over the years I have been in contact with him through both the Euro Coach List and REACH events.

Martin has a high level of integrity and lives his values. Whoever works with Martin can rest assured that he will bring his best self to serve your needs."


Excerpt from keynote speech:

“Just about anyone can be a coach. Just like anyone has the potential to sing. Some years ago, only singers with a natural talent would go beyond the occasional voicing of a song in the shower. Very few had the nerve, or the skill, to step up onto a stage and actually perform. But nowadays there are more people who think they can sing than those who can’t. For a few pounds they get hold of a microphone and before long they’ve convinced themselves that a few drinks and an audience is all they need to kick start their career! They step up at the pub karaoke and the next thing they know they’re queuing for an audition on the x-factor!
The world is full of singers! Most are deluded. The vast majority have never had a singing lesson in their life. That’s why there are very few who sing professionally. Of those that do, very few make a decent living. Of those that do well, there are only a handful who go on to really ‘make it’.
Those that do make it have some very consistent features:
They have no doubt that THIS is what they were born to do
They have huge reserves of energy, enthusiasm and resolve
They work very hard at getting very good and then becoming even better
They develop an identity or a niche…a following, and then DEVELOP it…growing their audience along with them
They contribute to their own success with creativity
They encourage new talent and see it as something positive – and not a threat
The world may be full of people who think they can sing, but has very few truly successful singers.
Our world (of coaching) is not so different.”

"So you think you can't, eh?"

Keynote presentations and workshops designed to challenge and inspire a business audience, including the cutting edge coaching application: P-E-N; the joined up thinking approach to creating business change

TV Professional & Expert Speaker



Q. What makes BBC, Endemol, Channel 4 and top celebrities want to work with Martin?


A. His ability to help people (whether TV audiences or one-to-one clients) make lasting change whilst having fun and being entertained!

Martin Goodyer is one of the Europe’s leading Business Coaches and an expert on Leadership and Behavioural Change. Would your life be enriched if you knew that everything you do is a step on the road to success? Martin Goodyer thinks so, and he should know. With thousands of hours of one-to-one consultations with clients as diverse as business leaders to television celebrities, he’s amassed a huge amount of experience and skill in simplifying the art and science of being successful.
Martin’s success as a speaker and media presenter continues to grow. He regularly appears as a contributor on radio and as a presenter & expert on popular television shows in the UK and overseas. His simple ways of explaining complex issues brings everyday confusion into sharp focus; his approach is to make sense of psychology and make simplicity a way of life, so that you can start to make immediate changes and improvements to your own business success.
Drawing from almost two decades of business experience and thirteen years of business success coaching, Martin knows what it is that motivates us to take action. In his key-note presentations and seminar sessions, Martin unwraps the complexities of the functioning of the human brain and the confusion between ‘knowing what to do’ and ‘doing what we know’.
Audiences are entranced as they begin to relate the explanations in Martin’s presentation to specific issues in their own life and business. Business challenges become more straightforward, personal issues less acute and success becomes easier to obtain!'

A long standing member of the 'Professional Speakers Association'

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