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"Coaching hasn't happened unless behaviour has changed"



"Everyone can benefit from a coaching conversation. 'How to be a Great Coach' is a conversation between an experienced coach and a sceptical novice. It has been written as a conversational easy-read, to help you develop better conversations,- and maybe even start to become a coach along the way." 

Martin Goodyer




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Why Martin Goodyer?

One of the most experienced and effective Business & Executive Coaches with an extensive track record of successful coaching assignments stretching back for almost two decades. A coach with a decisive and focused strength-building approach to the achievement of both professional and and personal goals. A coach with a definite performance improvement focus who gets to the heart of the matter quickly, and recognises the value of time spent in a coaching conversation. A professsional, qualified, certified & accredited coach at the highest level, who not only practices as a coach but also teaches coaching methodology and the science underpinning coaching at the highest level. An experienced & knowledgeable coach who brings to coaching an extensive career directing diverse senior teams in the dynamic business evvironment of international hotels, and first hand knowledge of business leadership. A coach that coaches with the gravitas and presence that comes with more than 20,000 hours of  face to face, group and team coaching. A coach with a motivational & energizing style, who is as passionate about the concept of coaching for behavioural change as he is about the achievement of it. A coach who is relaxed, focused, fun & serious in equal ,easure, who is intellectually stimulating, and results oriented.


Martin is FOUNDING MEMBER of the International Association for Coaching


The science behind coaching has a long history, to read Martin's latest PDF on coaching, science, myths and snale-oil; click here 
A thought piece about the inevitability of AI and robatics - and theimpact it will have on society 



'WTF'  Available on line and in good bookstores

This is Martin's first Popular Psychology Book, published by Crown House Publications and is a collection of, often cringe-making examples of 'what not to do' if you want to be successful, and then how to avoid allowing those things to happen to you. With a foreword from the world leading international superstar of wellbeing and best-selling author Jason Vale, it is both a useful and amusing addition to any book collection and a great present for anyone to give or receive.




Mobile site for WTF Just Happened?  


Why the iABCt? 

Martin established the iABCt in 2010 as a training facility to meet the needs of individuals desirous of acquiring the skills, approaches and coaching philosophy he espouses.
There are ocassional open courses, however, most iABCt programmes are designed and delivered for organisations that recognise the benefits of introducing professional coaching to the workplace, and are attracted by the high quality of the training Martin provides as well as desirous of the more relaxed atmosphere associated with a venue on a sub-tropical island.
Networking groups, societies, associations and semi-social organisations are invited to enquire about an iABCt professional coaching course that may be provided exclusively for their members.
The most popular programme is the 3 day 'Coaching Manager Award'. This equips participants that work in, manage, or direct any size of organisation to begin immediately applying skills, tools, and approaches to improve performance and effectiveness.

Prices that include accommodation and breakfast in the sunny south of Tenerife in the Canary Islands,  course fees, course materials (including reference materials to take back to the workplace), for the three-day programme start from as little as £500


The iABCt Definition of Coaching:

"Coaching facilitates self-improvement by supporting a person in systematically acquiring skills and tools to both discover and overcome barriers to the achievement of personal and professional goals" 





Unique Opportunity to be part of Martin's next book AND access £7500 of FREE professional development support!

"I'm writing a new book that's a guide to rapidly becoming an outrageously high-performing manager. As part of that process I'm seeking a participant who in return for an intensive six-week programme of activity with me (via video conferencing) will consent to me using transcripts of our conversations as material for the publication. Obviously, names and references to places or organisations and other people will be changed, however, apart from that the intention is to use the actual conversations and genuine feedback and results as the core material for the book. You should note that your organisation will not be advised by me of your participation as all of your personal details will be kept confidential.

After an initial conversation to establish base-lines of existing performance, that should take about an hour or so, the extent of our interaction will be limited to 1 hour for 5 working days each week for 6 weeks and then a final wrap-up session of around another hour. To put this in perspective; if you were hiring me to do this with you it would cost in the region of £7500 plus VAT, however, in return for your signed consent to use the material without restriction there will be no fee payable. 

Clearly, this is a one-time only opportunity for just one person. Therefore, to help make sure it is the best 'fit' possible I've attached a short application for you to complete if you are interested in taking part.


Thanks in advance for putting yourself forward, and good luck!"








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 Martin Goodyer's media involvement includes:
ITV's 'Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie 3', Channel 4's 'The Fit Farm', Discovery's 'Diet-Busters', BBC TV expert contributor, including 'Inside-Out' and currently the BBC CWR 'in-house' psychologist & on-air coach

If you are looking for a speaker to talk about coaching, or the introduction of a coaching culture then look no further. Martin's research keeps him at the cutting edge of the coaching profession. Call for a no obligation chat on 07768 232718